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 Jamaican food Catering service                               
Must order a day in advance
Side order: white rice or rice and peas, potato salad and garden salad 
Extra large that serve up to 30 people
Each selection can serve 30 people
Extra large curry goat      $300.00

Extra large curry chicken   $200.00

Extra large oxtail    $300.00

Extra large brown stew chicken    $300.00

Extra large curry shrimp    $250.00

Extra large jerk chicken    $275.00

Extra large jerk pork    $250.00

Extra large jerk meat ball $250.00

Large that serve up to 20 people
Each selection can serve 20 people
Large curry goat      $200.00

Large curry chicken   $150.00

Large oxtail    $200.00

Large brown stew chicken    $200.00

Large curry shrimp    $175.00

Large jerk chicken    $200.00

Large jerk pork    $200.00

Large jerk meat ball $200.00

Medium that serve up to 10 people
Each selection can serve 10 people
Medium curry goat      $100.00

Medium curry chicken   $100.00

Medium oxtail    $100.00

Medium brown stew chicken    $100.00

Medium curry shrimp    $100.00

Medium jerk chicken    $100.00

Medium jerk pork    $100.00

Medium jerk meat ball $100.00

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